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Born: 1986, Rostov-na-Donu, Russia.

Education: Master of Science in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science — 2009.

Alma mater: Southern Federal University, Faculty of Mathematics, Mechanics and Computer Sciences (MMCS, Мехмат).

Current Activities: PhD student at Programming Research Laboratory, Northeastern University.

e-mail: a.pelenitsyn​@​

🇺🇦 As a Russian national, I strongly condemn the war started by the Russian government in Ukraine on February 24th 2022.

Contact Me!

Feel free to use my email (above) or any social network to reach out if you want to talk about anything mentioned on this page. Especially welcome are students deciding on their possible academic career.

Research Interests

I am interested in typed functional programming and corresponding languages (mostly, Haskell), type and effect systems, mathematics of program construction. In the past, I worked towards better software engineering principles of building computer algebra software in C++, especially using what C++ world knows as generic programming.

Recently, I was working on a assessment of the design and implementation of Julia programming language (OOPSLA’18, OOPSLA ‘21). Currently, I’m studying Julia’s notion of type stability.

More about my professional interests can be found in my Curriculum Vitæ.

Main Publications

Programming Languages and IT

I’m interested in programming languages and related technologies as they pertain to software and systems development, e.g. Haskell ecosystem, Nix and NixOS, (Doom) Emacs and modal editing (in the spirit of vi), Linux and Open Source Software, verified software and interactive theorem provers (especially, Coq and Agda). Check out: